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March 2017


March is Fix Your Pet month

Pet overpopulation still exists in Ontario as a direct result of animals left unaltered. Each year, tens of thousands of dogs and cats end up on the streets where they fall victim to neglect and abuse, or in shelters in search of new homes.

Over 25,000 animals come into the care of the Ontario SPCA every year. Protecting your pet by having them spayed or neutered can help reduce this number and make our community a safer place for our pets. Spaying/neutering pets will reduce health risks and physical stress, and improve behaviour. Fixed pets are also less likely to roam, reducing the risk of injury, accident and loss.

Our goal is to help reduce the number of homeless pets and fix as many animals as possible. With that in mind, the Ontario SPCA and its Affiliate Communities operate high-volume, self-sustaining spay/neuter services across the province, including in Newmarket, Barrie and St. Catharines.  The public, shelters, and rescue groups are welcome, regardless of geography or income level.

Help us spread the word about this important issue by participating in our Cone of Fame contest. Let’s change the conversation and encourage pet owners to be proud of the cone pets often wear after spay or neuter surgeries. Join the conversation by posting a photo using #ConeOfFame.

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Paws & Hooves program at TSC Stores supports animal rescue and adoption

Support animal rescue and adoption when you shop for items for your home, farm, yard or outdoor hobby during Paws & Hooves events at TSC Stores in support of the Ontario SPCA and our Affiliate Communities.

For every $2 donation, you’ll receive your choice of a paper paw or hoof to be displayed in the store showing your support. To participate, drop by your local TSC Store (The Incredible Country Hardware Store) during one of their upcoming Paws & Hooves events:

April 7 – April 30

May 26 – June 8

July 14 – July 26

Oct 20 – Nov 2

Dec 1 – Dec 14

By participating in the Paws & Hooves program, you’re making a difference in the lives of animals in need.

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Wanted: Thrift Store volunteers

We are currently looking for adult volunteers at our Thrift Store locations in Shelburne and Orangeville!

If you're free to commit to one regular shift per month (four hours per week), we would love to hear from you! Register online today and contact our volunteer coordinator Judi at jdavis@ospca.on.ca to learn more!

Our stores play an important role in financially supporting our animal centre. Thank you to all of our shoppers, donors and volunteers for your support! 

Ginger is looking for a
forever home

Two-year-old Ginger is on the prowl for a forever friend. This young cat can be a bit timid at first, but we’re confident she’ll warm up to her new family quickly – especially if treats and toys are involved. Did we mention treats?!

A quiet home would be great for Ginger, one where she can get to know her surroundings. She'll likely find a quiet spot if you have company over, but as soon as she’s alone with her family, she'll be seeking your attention. 

If you're looking for a sweet girl like Ginger, please stop by the centre to meet her!

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National Cupcake Day™ was a sweet success 

Thanks to you, National Cupcake Day™ in support of SPCAs and Humane Societies was another great success! Delectable and creative cupcakes could be found in communities in every corner of the province – and across the nation – on Feb. 27.

Now in its fifth year, National Cupcake Day is as simple as it is sweet. Participants register online to host a National Cupcake Day party in their community on any date in January or February. They then invite co-workers, friends and family to enjoy a sweet treat in support of animals in need. In exchange for a cupcake, guests donate to the participating animal welfare charity of the host’s choice, raising critically-needed funds for animals that are abused, abandoned, neglected or no longer wanted.

Celebrity chef Anna Olson, host of the Food Network’s Bake with Anna Olson, was our spokesperson for the campaign in Ontario. As official “Cupcake Crusader” she called on the baking community to rally together to “bake” a difference for animals in need. 

Thanks to you – our generous sponsors, participants, donors and cupcake crusaders – the 2017 event was another great success.  

Dog bite prevention starts
with you

Have you ever had a close encounter with a dog in which you feared you would be bitten? The majority of the time, dog bites can be prevented by following a few simple rules when it comes to dog behaviour.

Most people know to ask first before reaching out to a pet a dog, but are you aware that you should let them sniff your closed hand before attempting to pet them? 

While you might automatically reach to pet the dog’s head, to avoid the risk of being bitten, pet the dog’s shoulders and chest instead.

There are also verbal cues and body language you need to keep an eye on. A wagging tail or a crouching body doesn’t always mean friendliness, which is why it’s critical to watch the dog’s posture for signs of fear, anxiety or aggression.

But what if you’re approached by a dog you don’t know while out for a walk or run? To minimize the risk of being bitten, stay quiet and still. Never run or scream.

Visit our blog for more tips on dog bite prevention. 


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Stay safe during the spring thaw

Spring is just around the corner and we’re eager to welcome sunny days ahead. When the weather gets warmer, people and their pets are eager to get outside. Looks can be deceiving though, which is why you need to be cautious.

Melting snow can create fast-moving streams and rivers that pose a risk to pets and their owners. Dog owners also have to keep a close eye on their four-legged pals while out on a walk to ensure they don’t ingest any garbage or debris that may have been hidden under the, now melted, snow. Active pooches may also head to the nearest puddle for a drink, which could make them sick if it contains salt or snow melting chemicals.


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