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Dear , 

There are 14 horses that need your help!
This past weekend, 14 horses were surrendered to the Ontario SPCA as the owners could not continue to care for them.

Ontario SPCA was working with the owners to help them meet the needs required for these beautiful creatures; after much discussion the owners’ made the difficult decision to give the Ontario SPCA their animals to care for.

As many of you know, horses can be very expensive to own and care for, often costing owners hundreds to thousands of dollars each month in boarding, feed and medical care. This year has been particularly strenuous on horse owners, due to the shortage of hay. The cost of hay has drastically increased and many horse owners are struggling to care for their animals.

This is why we need your help today!

Horse from removal  Horse 2 from removal

Caring for these 14 horses will be a huge undertaking for the Ontario SPCA; these horses will remain with the Society for several weeks as we provide them the treatment they require to get healthy again. This will cost the Society thousands of dollars.
We need your help! Please donate today to help care for these animals through our Rescue & Relief services.

Donations of horse equipment, blankets, and hay are also appreciated. Please contact 1-888-668-7722 to make a donation of an item.

Yours for the animals,



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