Friends For Life


Meet our Walkers:
Our Walkers come in many forms!

Meet Lee Duguid

Lee has been supporting the Friends for Life! Walk (even before it was called the Friends for Life! Walk) in Sudbury since 1993. “I saw an ad in the local newspaper that said if you raise $75 you got a t-shirt and well, I really wanted that t-shirt,” recalls Lee. In her first year, she raised a total of $610! Fast forward to 24 years later and Lee is still an active participant for the walk in the Sudbury area. For the past 8 years, Lee has been the top fundraiser in the province, raising a total of over $79,000, a remarkable achievement! When asked why Lee participates year after year in the walk, her answer is simple, “I don’t feel like people realize how much dogs and animals do for us. We receive such loyalty and unconditional love from animals and I think we should treat them as they treat us!”

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