Friends For Life


Join the Top Paw Club

Members of our Top Paw Club are a part of an exclusive member’s only club who have raised a minimum of $1,000 in pledges for this year's Friends for Life! Walk. Every Top Paw Club member receives Friends for Life! Walk™ merchandise and other exciting gifts. In addition, on event-day, you will also receive any incentives you have qualified for and enjoy special Top Paw Club only perks!


Join the Junior Paw Club

2017 Friends for Life! Walk : Jr. Paw Participant

Students who are collecting their Community Service hours for school are eligable, with approval from their guidance counsellor, to participate in the Friends for Life! Walk in exchange for 10 community service hours.  In order to receive their letter of completion of these 10 hours, students are required to register, raise $200 and attend a walk location of their choice.  Registering is easy, simply seek approval from your guidance counsellor and register online, selecting "Junior Paw" as your particiant type!



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