Get Involved with the FFL! Walk


You can support this event in a number of different ways:

1. Register - Registering for the event is a great step in helping change animal’s lives here in Ontario. When you register, you join a group of passionate animal lovers, who have united to raise money and make a difference! Join the Friends for Life Walk here

2. Fundraise - By asking your friends, family and colleagues for support on your personal or team fundraising page, you have the power to significantly increase the impact you have on animals in need! Also, don’t forget to check out our incentive program for great prizes to reward all your hard work fundraising!

3. Participate in the “All Paws In” Corporate Challenge - Your generosity could be doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled! Consider asking one of your suppliers or neighbouring businesses to enter into a friendly and competitive challenge to see who can raise more funds in this year’s Friends for Life! Walk. To learn more about this Challenge, download the details here!

4. Top Paw Club - Members of our Top Paw Club are a part of an exclusive member’s only club who have raised a minimum of $1,000 in pledges for this year's Friends for Life! Walk. Every Top Paw Club member receives Friends for Life! Walk™ merchandise, and other exciting gifts. In addition, on event-day, you will also receive any incentives you have qualified for! Learn more!

5. Volunteer - Without our volunteers, the Friends for Life! Walk would not be as successful as it is! Our volunteers bring their dedication and enthusiasm to this event annually! Whether you are looking for community hours or just wanting to feel good about doing something great, click here (hyperlink to volunteer form PDF) and give us a hand! Learn more!

6. Raise Awareness - Show your support for the…….Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and using our #FFLWalk hashtag