Want to be a part of an
exclusive member’s only club?

Top Paws Club: Individuals who raise over $1,000

Members of our Top Paw Club are a part of an exclusive member’s only club who have raised a minimum of $1,000 in pledges for this year's Friends for Life! Walk. Every Top Paw Club member receives Friends for Life! Walk™ merchandise, and other exciting gifts. In addition, on event-day, you will also receive any buttons or t-shirts you have qualified for, as you register in our exclusive Top Paw-only registration area.

Friends for Life! Walk Jr. Paw Student Program

Students can earn community hours by fundraising for the Friends for Life! Walk. Raise $200 in support of a local Ontario SPCA animal centre in exchange for 10 community hours. Students are not eligible for fundraising awards or rewards. All students must seek approval from their Guidance Councilor to determine if their school will accept this program as part of the Community Service requirements.

Pledge Incentive Program

Participants have the option to opt in or opt out of our Pledge Incentive Program- which offers great incentives to entice you to push your fundraising efforts and make a 'pawsitive' change in animals' lives here at the Ontario SPCA!

Pledge Incentive Program