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One of several horses in need of care.
One of several horses in need of care.

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Mrs. Laura Lynn Therrien-Beaudoin

51 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $20,000.00
Achieved: $10,215.00

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Horses still needs your help!

As a supporter of the Ontario SPCA you may have heard from us over this past year asking for help as we respond and care for horses involved in the crumbling racing industry or suffering from neglect or abuse.

Sadly the lack of feed and/or funds to properly care for these horses, especially ones involved in the racing industry, is still an ongoing issue.  Their owners are making hard decisions and often have nowhere to turn but to us or other local authorities.

The Ontario SPCA proactively responds?

The Ontario SPCA has been working in conjunction with various community members and Animal Welfare organizations across Ontario, such as the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC), to develop protocols addressing the concerns for animal care in the horse racing industry.

 Although there are concerns for the welfare of the horses from the racing industry, there are also concerns for the lack of feed existing due to our past summer for all horses etc. Together we are working to help ensure that all animals in Ontario receive the care they require and that no animal will be left to suffer or unnecessarily go hungry

We need your help!

During the first 3 months of the year, the Ontario SPCA has taken in and begun caring  for close to 25 horses.  In 2012 over a span of six months, we cared for four horses, costing the organization close to $20,000 for  boarding, feed, and veterinary costs.

You can imagine what an undertaking caring for 25 horses will be for the Society.  This is why we need your help today! By donating to our Rescue & Relief efforts, you not only help the animals, like these horses, that come into our care, but you also help us continue to work with the struggling horse owners, to prevent more horses from being neglected or mistreated due to lack of funds.  

Working together we are better!

Please take a moment today to show your support by sharing this message and/or making a donation today  online.

Your support not only means the world to us, but can mean a new life for a suffering horse.


Chief Inspector, Connie Mallory

Ontario SPCA


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