One of the most important and difficult activities for the Ontario SPCA is our Rescue & Relief efforts. It is a task that is dangerous and stressful for both the animals and enforcement officers. Through your generosity the Ontario SPCA Rescue & Relief teams across Ontario are able to respond to urgent concerns for animal welfare and provide lifesaving care for animals in need.

Our highly trained officers respond to on average 17,000 reports of animal cruelty annually and our animal care staff attend, on average, 25,000 animals. Your support gives our teams the resources to continue this life-changing work. You make a difference.

Please help support the Ontario SPCA’s Rescue & Relief efforts; your support ensures we are able to respond when we receive the next urgent call.

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Top 5 Fundraisers
  1 -  Laura Therrien ($10,215.00)
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  3 -  Kim Thompson ($4,910.00)
  4 -  Louie The Alligator Unknown ($4,137.50)
  5 -  Xena The Dog ($845.00)
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  1 -  Affordable Comfort ($200.00)
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