Thursday February 21, 2019

Give Ontario’s most neglected and abused animals a second chance!

Emergency Care Fund Goal $3,500.00

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Jax needs your help

As a puppy, Jax ran and played like any exuberant youngster. Then, suddenly, it was like a switch was flipped and poor Jax couldn’t walk. A veterinarian examination revealed that he was suffering from severe luxating patellas, a congenital condition affecting both of his hind legs*.

At this point, we welcomed this friendly dog into our care with the hope of giving him a new lease on life. The orthopedic surgeon treating Jax recommended surgery to give him the best possible chance at a pain-free life. Having just recently celebrated his first birthday, Jax has already undergone two surgeries to correct his issue. He’s currently resting comfortably in a foster home where he will receive daily physiotherapy for approximately six weeks before being re-assessed by his veterinarian, and it’s estimated that his surgery and rehabilitation costs will exceed $3,500.

Jax needs your help.

It takes just 100 caring people like yourself donating only $35 to make Jax’s recovery possible. Will you be one of them? Donate Now

Recoveries like this would not be possible without your caring support. Thank you for giving Jax, and animals like him, a second chance.

* Patellar Luxation occurs when a dog’s kneecap shifts, moving outside the normal groove. Instead of moving up and down within the groove as the dog walks, it ends up in an improper position within the leg, which can cause significant pain and mobility issues.

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