Sunday August 25, 2019

Give Ontario’s most neglected and abused animals a second chance!

Emergency Care Fund Goal $1,600.00

Total Number of Gifts: 39
Total Value of Gifts: $2,395.00

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Doogie Howlser needs your help after life-saving surgery

When Doogie Howlser began coughing and having difficulty swallowing, his owners knew he needed help. Help he couldn’t receive due to a lack of readily available veterinary resources where he lived.

Doogie was flown to Timmins from a community about 500 kilometres to the North. He was examined by a veterinarian who cleared him to be transported to Sudbury for further examination and treatment.

Feverish and unable to keep food down, Doogie was in rough shape when he arrived at the veterinary hospital in Sudbury. There, Doogie received surgery that saved his life.

The six-month-old Terrier-mix is now recovering, after a piece of fabric that became lodged in his digestive track, was removed.

These types of life-saving rescues would not be possible without the support of caring individuals like you. The kindness you show animals in need is what gave Doogie his second chance.

The cost of Doogie’s surgery and care is expected to exceed $1,600? Will you make a special gift today to help? Any amount would make a difference and ensure care is available for the next animal who ends up at our door.
Thank you for changing a life.

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