Monday May 21, 2018

Give Ontario’s most neglected and abused animals a second chance!

Meet Costanza

Meet Costanza

Emergency Care Fund Goal $3,500.00

Total Number of Gifts: 39
Total Value of Gifts: $2,413.00

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Mrs. Yuliya Bronska - $40.00

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Mrs. Margaret Bergshoeff - $25.00

Mrs. Simin Jalili - $50.00

Ms. Tanya Jonker - $35.00

Ms. Carina Vassilieva - $30.00

Ms. Janette H Johnston - $50.00

Ms. Lucia Sanchez - $25.00

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Costanza Needs Your Help!

Meet Costanza!

At only three months old, this sweet Rottweiler puppy has had a rough start in life. Costanza came into the care of the Ontario SPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre (PEAC) in Newmarket, ON through the investigations department, in excruciating pain. Costanza had a broken leg having suffered a fracture in both his tibia and fibula.

In need of urgent care, Costanza was brought in for immediate surgery to repair the bone and muscle loss in his leg. Intervention and medical attention came at such a crucial time of Costanza’s young development yet amputation of his leg was a very serious possibility. Everyone involved feared the window of time to save Costanza’s leg had sadly, perhaps closed…was it too late…?
The surgery was a great success and the medical team involved was in fact, able to save Costanza’s leg!

Now, Costanza has a long recovery ahead. Once his sutures are removed, he will require critical bed rest for an additional four weeks or more. Costanza will also require a series of x-rays to ensure that everything is healing well with rehabilitation sessions to follow. The veterinarians and the Ontario SPCA are hopeful that Costanza will recover from his severe injuries and will be available for adoption in the near future.

The prognosis is good so far but it is only through the generous financial contributions from people like you, that the Ontario SPCA has been able to see Costanza be given this second (greatly deserved) chance to live a long, happy and healthy life. Costanza is already beginning to show a lot of the normal signs everyone hoped to see, both medically as well as emotionally, as indication that he is indeed, on his long road to recovery and wellness.

We are looking for your help to give Costanza his fighting chance at recovery and a new life. The cost of his surgery and care in the hospital currently exceeds $2,000 and will continue to increase with weeks of rehabilitation.

Please donate now to our Rescue & Relief™ efforts to help Costanza and other animals just like him. With your help, Costanza will get his second chance at finding a forever loving home.

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