Tuesday April 24, 2018

Help Iris on the Road to Recovery

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A tiny kitten in desperate need of care was dropped off as a stray at the Pembroke Animal Hospital. One of her eyes was protruding, swollen and infected; the other was ulcerated, opaque and swollen shut. She also had an upper respiratory infection. She seemed to be in a great amount of pain, but even with all her ailments she was still purring and just wanted to be held.

Dr. Hobart from Pembroke Animal Hospital examined the kitten and decided to take a chance on her, asking the Ontario SPCA Renfrew County Animal Centre to take her on. We decided to name this sweet kitten Iris.

So, Dr. Hobart began his work to save Iris from further pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, her protruding eye was not savable and had to be removed. The second eye is being treated aggressively with eye drops in an attempt to save it.

In the days following her surgery, Iris has slowly improved. She is now able to track objects and is no longer mostly blind. She has gone from a skinny 1.2 lb to 1.9 lb over a period of 10 days and is currently recovering in foster care.

Please donate today - your gift will help cover the cost of Iris’ surgery and help her on the road to recovery. It is your generosity that lets us take on cases like Iris’ and give her a second chance at a pain-free life full of love.

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